Kildare Food Views

Thank you for visiting the ‘Kildare Food Views’ site. In recent years there have been lots of great things happening on the food landscape in Kildare. Whether it is artisan producers, food festivals, or great restaurants serving local food, Kildare is now well established on the national food landscape. 

This survey is now closed. Thank you to those who have participated.

Kildare Food Survey
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Kildare County Council and Kildare Local Enterprise Office have commissioned a new food & beverage strategy for the county. The aim of this strategy is to create a road map for the food and beverage sector and raise the profile of Kildare grown and produced products at a national level.

Core to the formation of the strategy will be a consultation process which offers the opportunity for Kildare consumers and the public to give their views. These views will be taken onboard by Kildare County Council in the development of the food sector going forward. To participate in this short survey, click on the link below.

Please click the following link to take this short survey:

Survey is now Closed

Your feedback will be analysed by specialist company James Burke & Associates who are assisting us in the formation of our new food strategy.

We will be looking to sit down with a group of Kildare consumers as part of a simple focus group and the last question on the survey allows you an opportunity to opt in for this. We would really encourage you to choose this option as we need plenty of face to face discussion as part of the process.